Curl Up In Beta With Firefox 49

It has been a while since I have kept up with the Firefox release, but over my afternoon coffee break today I decided to see what they have prepared for the next release.

  1. Reader Mode can now read articles out loud
  2. Improve overall performance on OS X systems without hardware acceleration
  3. Firefox Hello being decommissioned
  4. Improved appearance of anti-aliased OS X fonts
  5. Graphite2 font shaping is enabled by default
  6. Improve video performance on systems without hardware acceleration that support SSSE3 instruction set
  7. OS X users who did not originally install Firefox can now update it if they can provide administrator credentials
  8. Adjust the width and line spacing of Reader Mode text
  9. HTML5 audio and video improvements
    • Files can now be looped through the built-in controls in the context menu
    • Play audio and video at 1.25× speed through the context menu

  10. Saved HTTP logins will now be offered on HTTPS pages

That is a quote from the change log. One of the most interesting items on that list is probably the first one. I have been using the Reader on Firefox pretty extensively since it was introduced and I have to say that it has gone through some pretty major improvements. But I think the biggest has to be the ability to read text out loud. I am contemplating downloading the beta as we speak but I will probably wait until stable is released to avoid any pre-release bug disappointment.




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