Fun, A Baby Sprinkle Invitation Away

I was forced to ask myself this the other day at work. One of my colleges is pregnant and it was the office plan to surprise her with a baby shower or a baby sprinkle as it was in our case. Did I know the difference? No. Had I been asked the question on Jeopardy or Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire I wouldn’t have been stumped. But as one of my colleges informed me there is a difference. Granted I got the whole weather/rain/precipitation pun right way. You see a shower is a steady rain. A sprinkle is a, well a sprinkle. Not a full shower, and so was the celebration. The decision to go a little bit lighter on the whole preparation thing was because the women in the office that decided to host it actually rented a room in one of the restaurants close to work so that we could all walk there. That meant that it had to kept smaller and I guess that means a baby sprinkle though I am not really an expert so you shouldn’t take my word on it as fact.

The Gift

The woman that was having the baby sprinkle, or was having one thrown on her behalf is actually my team manager so there was that. First she make substantially more than I do. So it really wasn’t like I was going to be able to give her something that would impress. This was the part that I actually spent the most time on. My colleges all kept their gift ideas to themselves so there was little help from that direction. Thankfully I have an awesome girlfriend who helped me get things squared away. I had a baby quilt hand sewn (is that right, or is it quilted) with emphasis on quality. There are a lot of different places that offer this type of gift option. They ranged from ho-hum to cha-ching. I ended up going for something in the middle. Sorry I don’t have a sound effect for that one right off hand. I think that the gift I picked was probably one of two or three blankets so it wasn’t like it was unique in that sense but it was more creative than a box full of diapers. If you are a guy and you get invited to a baby shower thinking practical is a plus but be a little more creative. I’ve rambled on long enough here. After reading this you might be one step closer to understanding what the difference is between a shower and a baby sprinkle. But if you are ever invited to one, you know with an invitation, then the best way to get a feeling for it is by attending it and seeing for yourself firsthand.

In a side note I really didn’t know what the difference was and I thought it had something to do with men taking part at first. A college explained it to me.

I will say in my defense that the majority of male college did gracefully skip out on the baby shower. So I guess that does mean I have more experience than most.

As I said the whole thing was new to me. And that is why I thought it would be better to let somebody else explain it in clear terms. Note I copied the part that was relevant but the site had more information.

A baby sprinkle is your solution to the every growing trend to step back and tone the baby shower down until it is once again manageable. It isn’t uncommon for a hostess to spend months planning and preparing for what is called the baby shower. Baby showers have become increasingly popular in the last few years and so has the trend of making them bigger and bigger. Many people will slave over what was once a simple celebration with an almost party like quality.
Alright. So it is actually a throw back to older baby showers with a focus on simplicity. I am not sure what the current baby shower scene looks like but the party that we had during our lunch break was subdued and tasteful so I guess that fits. I am not entirely sure that I would have had as much fun or been as comfortable at a baby shower. The tone seems to be a little different for that type of celebration. For example there were a few decorations, the hostesses brought them and the restaurant styled the room with them. But it wasn’t overboard or anything. It was more subdued, maybe tasteful. The talk was about having it feel familiar, which for me was an alien concept since I had never been to a baby shower before. And since I had never heard of a baby sprinkle the idea was probably even a little more abstract.

I guess it is quilted even though it looked like it was sewn together. But in my defense I have absolutely zero connection to that sort of thing. They have a lot not nice handmade patterns to choose from though.

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