George Hotz Want $999 From You (Self-Driving Add-On)

So we have been talking a lot about the whole self driving car the last couple of days. I left off the topic of the Tesla which was involved in a fatal accident. We will have to see what the conclusion that the experts come to once they have finished their investigation.

Still the leaps and bounds that are being made by big players as well as some of the smaller ones is staggering to say the least. And now George Hotz wants to turn your car into a self-driver for one dollar shy of a thousand. But of course like with everything there is a small hook. You need to pay $24 a month for the subscription plan that keeps the software up to date. Something that I assume the traditional auto manufactures will implement once the trend goes mainstream. PC Mag has an article of the invention that is called Comma One which would be the first after market tool for converting a car into an autonomous vehicle after market.




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